Using similar ideas and technologies Strada Saddles have developed a number of saddlery accessories that complement our saddles and bring to the rider the full benefits of our pro-active approach to modern product development using the best new and traditional materials. Continuous development means that further items will be added to our range at regular intervals.


The Endurance Water Bottle

As an accessory for the Esprit d'Equitation Saddle this functional and attractive water bottle and holder will mean refreshment is always available even on the dustiest of trails!

'No-Stretch-No-Break' Stirrup Leathers

At last, a stirrup leather that does not break or stretch!

Our advanced 'non-stretch', abrasion resistant stirrup leathers are made from three layers of leather bonded to an ultra thin, heat set nylon-web core. They have Conway Loop adjustment at the stirrup end which reduces bulk under the rider's thigh.

NB When ordering we will need to know the adjusted length of your existing leathers

The Classic Dressage Bridle

Unlike our other products this is not a new idea although we have made some improvements. Opting for the centuries old idea of having the noseband and the curb bit on the same cheekpiece, we have discarded the throatlatch and contoured the wider head piece to accommodate the horses ears.
NB. If you like to ride with a tight noseband this product is definitely not for you!


Saddle Pads

The Strada saddle pad is high quality and long lasting.
It features our non slip sticky patch.

No more annoying tapes, loops or velcro.

NB. The new sticky patch material must be kept free of dust, grease and water.

It is unaffected by washing at 40 degrees.

Specially made for us by Griffin Nuumed.



The available colours for our saddle pads.

Fit the Esprit de Luneville, Esprit d'equitation and de Cross.

Saddle Pads