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30 Years with Master Nuno Oliveira: Correspondence, Photographs, Notes

This classical text, which knowledgeable horsemen have been anxiously awaiting for years, is finally available in English. Henriquet's personal record of correspondence provides a unique window into the private problem-solving dialogue between master and student. Now a master écuyer in his own right, Henriquet embellishes this new edition with 50 photographs from his personal collection.

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Endurance Start to Finish
- a comprehensive guide to this exciting sport and is packed with essential information and advice.

Pub.J,A.Allen (1996)

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Understanding the Horse's Back

Sara Wyche is a qualified veterinary surgeon who regularly holds back-clinics for horses.She is also a highly experienced practitioner of holistic medicine as well as a horse owner and accomplished dressage rider.

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Philippe Karl's Classical Dressage Video

Philippe Karl's philosophy for his training methods are based on understanding the physical and mental conditions of the horse, the ease of aids and the horse's movements. It is fundamental that the aids are taught clearly before the horse begins to do any dressage work. A lively mount is essential for a real receptivity to the rider's hand.

The Horse's Muscles in Motion (Hardcover)
by Sara Wyche

This title aims to show how the horse's muscles work and explains how this knowledge can be put to good use in riding, whether in competition or for recreation. Using her own careful anatomical drawings, the author studies the skeleton, the action of the muscles, and the role of the nervous system before applying this information to various riding situations. The demands placed on the horse's systems in dressage, jumping, eventing, racing and even polo are all examined, with advice on how good riding practice can help avoid problems. With the knowledge of the horse's anatomy gained in this book, the rider should better understand what is being asked of the horse, and how to achive it with sympathetic riding and horse care, making this a useful manual for all riders.

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The Lipizzaner

From the Lipizzaner Society of Great Britain
by our own Una Harley, published by Allen Guides to Horse and Pony Breeds.

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Under the Horse.

This video is designed to teach equine professionals and horse owners new ways to recognize and treat hoof pathology. It focuses on the ability to identify and recognize a truly healthy equine foot and demonstrates steps taken to drive a pathological hoof towards a healthier state. The combination of contemporary veterinary research with practical, real-world field work presented will enable viewers to arrive at sound, valuable protocols that can be used immediately to benefit the horse.

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Horse Training In-hand: A Modern Guide to Working from the Ground
Work on the Longe, Long Lines, Long and Short Reins
Ellen Schuthof-Lesmeister, Kip Mistral

This book sets out to show you that lightness in hand can be achieved by every horse. For some horses it is easy, due to conformation and a general aptitude for focusing intently on the challenges of being trained. For others, it is not so. However, if the training is undertaken slowly, with gentleness and respect, lightness in the hand is eventually possible.

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Handling and Understanding the horse

Marcy Pavord is a freelance equestrian journalist and author of several books, including Long Distance Riding, Horse and Stable Management and Endurance Start to Finish. She is also an FEI international candidate judge for endurance riding, a member of the BHS training and education committee and the British Endurance Riding Association committee.
Tony Pavord is a consultant veterinarian specialising in horses. As a FEI endurance event vet. he has served on the veterinary commission at several international championships and has also officiated as British team vet.

Pub. by Airlife Publishing (Sept 1999)

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