Designed from Understanding.


Underside of the Esprit d'Equitation

A pair of finished panels coated in micro porous pvc to allow humidity and heat changes to occur without the risk of water saturation. The Esprit d'Equitation panels are leather covered and are attached using the traditional French method. Apart from looking better than a wool flocked system, this method allows easy panel change that does not involve taking the saddle to pieces if a thicker or thinner panel is needed.


The Esprit d'Equitation Saddle

- perfection for the multi-discipline rider.

In our opinion, not enough thought has gone into the design of multi purpose saddles in general.

This is why , as the designer, I avoided the description title “General Purpose”. A "GP" to me says “compromise” and those that know our products will have discovered that this has never been part of our design strategy!
I must say that having spent the last 12 years designing a “specialist” dressage saddle to feed my desire for perfection in this discipline, I have been guilty of ignoring the needs of others and their desire to enjoy other aspects of equitation. So here is our multi purpose saddle and it is certainly no “compromise”!


The “Esprit de RandonnĂ©e”

The choice is yours!

The Esprit de Randonee is a derivative of our very successful Esprit d’Equitation but with this saddle we have catered for the rider that enjoys long treks. At a very small additional cost the rider can not only choose any colour combination but also any combination of D ring attachments for saddle luggage etc. Just make sure your Strada contact has your details and we will make sure you can equip yourself and your horse for a day or a week on the trail!
All the usual features of lateral tree flex and panels that are heat, pressure and humidity intelligent, will help to keep your horse’s back muscles healthy and strong.



The “Esprit de RandonnĂ©e”






VICTORIA DAVIDSON on her young mare “Beetle”.

"I am so excited about these saddles” she said.
"The riding position is perfect and it is so comfortable for both of us!
Unusual for a saddle to make such a difference to a horse’s attitude and performance!”






(Left) Adjusted for dressage the Strada Esprit d'Equitation
would not look out of place in any competition.

(Right) Adjusted for jumping the Strada Esprit d'Equitation
takes on a new role!









Esprit d'Equitation TrottingEsprit d'Equitation CanteringEsprit d'Equitation Jumping