If you would like further information about our products, or you would like to order, you
can get in touch with the distributor for your area in the Contacts Page, by telephone, post, or email.

If you would like to become a distibutor of Strada Saddles, please contact David Bowler,STRADA EU.

Please note, due to the international nature of our business and the different time zones involved, our
preferred method of communication is via E Mail, or Internet Skype.


How do I buy one of your saddles?

Go to the Contacts page for all STRADA Agents

Please email or phone your contact details to us and we'll be in touch with you regarding suppliers in your local area.


FITTING: the following ranges are available in all STRADA saddles.

Warmbloods, Large TB's, and some Iberians. 
Small TB's, Light endurance Arab x TB'S.
I Iberians, Arabs and muscular Warmbloods, Cobs. 
C Draughts, Arabs, and some Iberians
IC Muscular shouldered Iberian and warmblood dressage horses
L For horses wide across the shoulder


We do not believe in “throw away” technology.

Occasionally we make minor improvements to the design of our saddles and built into this design is the facility to upgrade if our customers consider it desirable so you do not have to buy a new saddle to get the latest model; the cost is low to the original purchaser


About Strada Saddles

David Bowler, the designer of the products, and Director of Strada Saddles EU, is an experienced traditional dressage rider, who manages development, marketing and saddle fitting at STRADA. David has two horses.