We believe our saddles are exceptional! .. ... but then we would say that wouldn't we!
So don't take our word for it.
Nothing says more about a product than the opinions of customers, and we would like to share some of the unsolicited testimonials we have been delighted to receive.
Many of our customers have tried alot of saddles before discovering Strada, finally arriving at their ideal saddle solution.

These testimonials and reviews range over the last ten years, and show that our products have maintained a consistently high standard.

Stradasaddles EU

"Three years ago I went in search of the perfect saddle for myself and my horse and came across David's website. I was so impressed by the level of thought put into the design of these saddles that I went in search of a used one in the US but couldn't find one. My trainer and I sent David pictures of my horse and we Skyped with him about the saddle - and again - we were both so impressed by the depth of his knowledge and passion for building a better saddle. I took a leap of faith to order a saddle from overseas that I couldn't try first and it's the single best purchase I've ever made (after my horse that is!). I use it for everything: jumping, dressage, trails, extreme trail competitions, chasing cows, and even some western gaming. I can't imagine owning anything else."

Lori! August 2016
"Lorie List


"I have been absolutely thrilled with my Strada Saddles, not only do they fit my horse better than anything else I have tried, but they are super comfortable and very light weight. The customer service from Sarah is second to none.
She is always available if you have questions, and has even been out for a follow up visit when I wasn’t sure about the how to get the saddle correct on my young horse.
What I love about the Strada Saddle is, it is a saddle for the horses life, no need to be changing as the horse grows. I was very sceptical to start with and to be honest didn’t particularly like the look of the saddles, but once I had my first trial ride, my horse told me it was the right one and we have never looked back." "

17 June 2015 Chrissy & Scorpy



Yolande and Ulysse on one of their Esprit de Randonées, with the testimonial we recieved from Yolande;

"It is almost a month since I received my Strada saddle, full of confidence I went on a 190kms, 6 day randonée, The Route du Sel!

I have found that 90% of new saddles are uncomfortable, especially to the back, buttocks and seatbones, what joy with my Strada saddle, from new it was just as comfortable as an old worn in saddle, no pain, no problem! The same applies to my horse who never showed a single sign of back problems or discomfort. He is a "wide" horse, all his preceding saddles have slipped sideways, so much so that on more than one occasion I ended up in hospital.
With my Strada there was no problem, it didn't slip or roll, I didn't even need to use my breastplate!

There is no comparison with saddles of better known makes, which are often uncomfortable for years, with a Strada, from the first use it is fantastic!

I recommend Strada saddles for their comfort, the way they form to fit the back of the horse, its quality, its looks and its cost!"

16 August 2015 Yolande and Ulysse

"After 15 saddles bought and sold, and thousands of dollars spent I came across a Strada IC which fitted my clydecross like a well worn glove.
Oh the relief !
So on getting a new and young mare i decided to shortcut the process and get a strada for her from the start.
Short coupled and still growing i thought it was going to be a huge challenge.
Sarah came out with all the trees and you could see for yourself what fitted and what didnt. I was also allowed to trial the saddle which was a huge bonus although i didn’t want to give it back.
Sarah's back up service is incredible. I had a minor problem through her growth spurts because her wither is still lower than her bum.
A change of saddle blanket and change of girth strap position. ALL FIXED.
I expected to pay for her knowledge and time but it was all part of the service of owning a strada saddle.
I highly recommend Strada saddles for your horses comfort and your own."

10 April 2015 Christina and Misty, New Zealand


" Had the Best Ride Ever today outside of a clinic with my teacher.

Details too long to go into--but add silly guinea hens absolutely freaked about *something,* The young, ridiculous Trakehner filly adjacent to the ring spooking *and* having a tantrum (full blown Trakehner TANTRUM--witnessed-) which has ended two OTHER horses dumping their riders...
Noah was nonplussed and stayed TOTALLY with me... He was BRILLIANT for mounting, BRILLIANT for riding, AND we got the most lovely shoulders-in and half-pass ever TO THE RIGHT--in which direction he as previously 'declined' to even TURN.

It was cold, blustery and started to rain. I did not get to turn him out to get the buck-farts out before riding. There is little-to-nothing in the Strada to help should he decide he NEEDS to spookspinboltandbuck... but remarkably, he feels no such need. That is HUGE.

Just a wee ride--at 25 minutes or so we got that lateral work to the right--which has been SO elusive-- at which point I had a party and dismounted and made a HUGE deal of him. This horse almost killed me twice last year spooking and spinning, bolting and LAUNCHING me with velocity. He was SO BRILLIANT today.
So happy, soft in the back...
I'll get pictures, I promise. I cannot, not, not thank you enough. I wish I could post a public testamonial-- feel free to post anything here I've said anoynmousl as 'a TRULY satisfied customer!' . (having been a police officer and mounted police, I am SO easy to track down-- female my name'/surname, etc.... too easy, I am SUPER careful how/what I post on social media! ) but I am SO HAPPY so far!!

I seriously cried happy tears when the Trakehner filly had her tantrum and he totally stayed with me and didn't even react.
We finished the ride with lateral work to the right-- a year ago he didn't TURN right... today we finished with shoulders-in right, then a few steps of lovely-albeit-shallow--but AMAZING half-pass right. Soft, just thinking, bend, supple, release... step into the right stirrup... that's all... He was SO brilliant I had to just end there. Have a party, praise him and tell him how smart and wonderful he is and get off.

He's SO HAPPY. And not scared for his life. And if you've ever sat on a horse who was scared for his life... it's worth every hour of overtime I worked. I would do it again in a heartbeat. THANK YOU!!!"

From Horse Tack Review


Strada Saddles
St Christopher Endurance Saddle
Close Contact Saddles

Purchase: The Strada Saddle was purchased from Strada Saddles in England. I read through their technical data page and was fascinated by the thoughtful combination of technical engineering as well as common sense in the design of their saddles. The saddle lists for $2,999 (USD) and they currently are offering free shipping in the US (a limited time special).

Likes: The saddle sits around my horse, not on him. The drape of my legs around the saddle is super comfortable. The positioning of the rider on the horse is definitely enhanced by the saddle. I found it easier to maintain a balanced, centered seat. My horse moved beautifully in the saddle (it sits behind the scapula) and he seemed to be comfortable. The tree and panels flex with the horse as it moves. The panels are directly under the tree rails so there is excellent weight distribution and support of the rider on the horse's back.

Dislikes: I really haven't found anything I don't like about the Strada. It is not a deep seat saddle so if that's what you're looking for, this is probably not the saddle for you. A good rider would fall in love with this saddle. It puts you in the correct position and your riding ability is enhanced by the saddle.

Quality: The leather is beautiful and high quality, and the construction is impeccable. My saddle is a havana brown, but they also make black and dark brown. The saddle is lightweight (only about 12 pounds). Strada also makes a girth that is well padded and my horse seems to be completely comfortable in it. Their stirrup leathers are leather but don't stretch or twist.

Summary: The bottom line is this is a very high quality saddle. With its knowledgeable, thoughtful design and high quality of construction, the Strada's price is very reasonable.

Rating: 5

Author: Susan Favro

Date: 22-01- 2007

The Strada Dressage Saddle - Product tested by CHN's(Central Horse News) Editor, Barbara Gadd

"It was pure chance that I discovered this saddle. Whilst reading a copy of ‘The Horse’s Muscles in Motion’ by Sara Wyche, mention was made of “a dressage rider who encountered problems finding a satisfactory saddle.” Using his engineering background, he was “able to design a uniquely flexible saddle-tree that eliminated many of the pitfalls associated with conventional design.”
Intrigued, I managed to make contact with Sara via the book’s publishers, and was referred to David Bowler, who designed the Strada saddle in association with Michela Ling, a saddler from Wiltshire.

I was at my wits end by the time David brought me a test saddle to try; my mare had an old injury but after extensive osteopathic treatment and remedial work, was going very well bareback but objected to a greater or lesser degree to most saddles I tried her in. Once fitted with the Strada, she stood still to be mounted (a good sign....), did not put her back up for the first few strides which she has been known to do if not happy with a saddle, and walked up the hill to the paddock very freely. Once in the field, I worked her in walk, trot and canter on both reins, and she felt happy, obliging and free from tension and spookiness (unusual for her...). The saddle shape and stirrup positioning also made it much easier than usual to maintain my own balance.

I was very surprised and pleased with how my mare reacted to the Strada initially, and how she continues to work in it.

As well as its flexible tree; the Strada has panels made from a remarkable thermoreactive material which becomes soft to the consistency of flesh when it heats on the horse’s back. This means no lumps and bumps - it moulds to the horse completely."

Marace and Michel Dareau and their daughters Camille and Gabrielle welcome you to our family run business at Pécoyne. We came to the Gers from near Edinburgh

All the horses are ridden in Strada saddles. These wonderful saddles are the Ferrari of the saddle world! The height of quality, design and innovation, they are supremely comfortable to ride in – for both horse and rider!



minkymoo, have you looked at the STRADA Countryman jumping saddle? I find it v stable, and it's comfortable for T with having a flexible tree and hd-foam pannels.
It stays well behind the shoulders on my horse who is also a bit croup high with forward girth groove.
It's actually a bit wierd seeing hollows in front of me when his scapular moves forward - all my other saddles have sat further forward against the scapular, obscuring(and obstructing!) this. Ihave the "iberian" style tree.



Many things are claimed about saddles but here is one that has been so well designed that I now use one. Ten years of intensive research, testing and development now allows everyone to own a high tech piece of sports equipment suitable for horse and rider.

[RC] I need a saddle that puts me in the "sweet spot"!
Kristi Schaaf
Mon, 29 Apr 2002 17:21:06 -0700

I'd like to know which saddles put the rider in that sweet spot notch right behind the horse's withers (picture where you sit while riding bareback). I've been trying to find an english saddle that does that, but every one I've tried sits me farther back and interrupts that perfect 'in synch' feeling (and also makes being legs under difficult). I find myself trying to perch on the pommel, but that makes my uh, privates, very unhappy. If I remember correctly, my Sharon Saare put me in that nice spot, but my horse doesn't like those wooden trees. And my lower back doesn't like the sport saddle. Any other suggestions?
Here we go once again on the great saddle search...Kristi


Re: [RC] I need a saddle that puts me in the "sweet spot"!
Ridecamp Guest
Mon, 29 Apr 2002 20:55:11 -0700

After trying quite a few saddles, I found what you are looking for in the Strada
Saddles. Rode Tevis in the endurance model last year and it was the most
comfortable saddle ever

Hope this helps in the seemingly never-ending saddle search!!!

We decided we wanted to find a saddle suitable to invest in, because we need about six or seven saddles. We had quite a list of criteria which had to be met, and as there are many different saddles for sale, we did go through quite a few different makes and types of saddle before we found our present one which we have been using for over ten years now. We can say we have never had one case of these saddles causing a problem for one of our horses.